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Kent Ayyappa Temple Trust

A Not-for-Profit Charitable Organisation

Hindus originated from the state of Kerala, India, living in Kent County of United Kingdom have joined together under this organisation to conduct, coordinate, and promote activities directed to preserve the values of Hindu Culture, and to protect Hindu Dharma.

The Kent Ayyappa Temple Trust was established by the Kent Hindu Samajam.

The mission of Kent Hindu Samajam is to build a traditional Lord Sree Ayyappa Temple in Kent Medway Hindu Mandir. The Kent Ayyappa Temple will serve the purpose of providing a place of worship for all devotees who believes and follows devotional values of Lord Sree Ayyappa Swamy and hails his neutral respect of other religions.

The objectives of the Kent Ayyappa Temple are:

  • The establishment of a Ayyappa Temple where the rituals are to be conducted with special emphasis on Lord Ayyappa according to the tradition in Sabarimala, Kerala State, India.
  • The propagation of Hindu religion
  • The establishing and running of schools conducting religious classes and religious music, dance and arts
  • Other purposes conducive to the advancement of Hindu religion in general.
  • The advancement of the Hindu religion.
  • To Advance the Hindu religious, cultural and social activities in the Kent County area of United Kingdom, Particularly by the provision of a place of worship for Hindu Malayalee Community originating from Kerala State, India.
  • To advance education, relieve poverty, distress and sickness.
  • To advance cultural education and social cohesion among the community members of the Operating Area.
  • To work for good causes and set sights on registering it as a charity in future
  • To be a non profit making organisation.
  • To promote equality of opportunity in all aspects of its activities.
  • To form a traditional Devotional Bhajan Group and invite talented Ayyappa Bhajan Singers and musical instrument players/ performers from nationally in the United Kingdom and also from internationally mainly from India to join this group and perform on Special Pooja Occasions and perform and provide Bhajan classes /sessions to devotees across United Kingdom and perform Lord Ayyappa Pooja festivals events nationally in the United Kingdom.
  • To appoint Priests who performs day today poojas for Lord Ayyappa.
  • To promote Hindu Faith, its doctrines, its scriptures and practice Hindu beliefs through assembly, worship and discourse.
  • To establish and maintain the Temple as a holy place of worship and enrich the devotees by conducting regular customary Hindu prayers and devotional activities.
  • To advance traditional Hindu cultural activities, Religious studies and Performing Arts.
    To provide facilities and actively co-ordinate social care, social interaction, friendship and goodwill among all people in the wider community.

Please help us to achieve our vision to build Lord Sree Ayyappa Swamy Temple with unique architectural design and values for devotees in Kent Medway Hindu Mandir.

For donations, sponsorship or membership enquiries & further information Email: kentayyappatemple@gmail.com or Tel: 07838170203 / 07753188671 / 07478728555 / 07985245890 / 07507766652.

Website: www.kentayyappatemple.org

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/kentayyappatemple.org
Twitter: www.twitter.com/AyyappaKent

E-mail: kentayyappatemple@gmail.com or info@kentayyappatemple.org

Kent Ayyappa Temple Trust & Kent Hindu Samajam humbly request all UK Hindu Samajam members, supporters and Lord Ayyappa devotees to support this project.