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Kent Ayyappa Temple Bhajan Group: A National Bhajan Group

Keeping our tradition alive: Thathwamasi Bhajan Group

When our Kerala Hindu Community migrated to the United Kingdom, they also brought their traditions and culture. The Malayalee Hindu Community across UK comes together locally for the Annual Ayyappa Pooja which has evolved from Bhajans in homes to Bhajan Groups nationally in the United Kingdom since 2010.

The Kent Bhajan Group called Thathwamasi Bhajan Group (തത്വമസി ഭജന സംഘം) was formed by a small group of ardent devotees of Lord Ayyappa. The primary objective of this group was singing and conducting Bhajans in Kent, and in and around London and South East & South West of United Kingdom during Mandala season and on the occasion of other religious events. Since 2014, more and more devotees have joined the Bhajan Group.

Thathwamasi Bhajan Group (തത്വമസി ഭജന സംഘം) is also extending every possible assistance to all religious organisations on the occasion of important festivals. It is the endeavour of Thathwamasi Bhajan Group (തത്വമസി ഭജന സംഘം) to diversify its activities in other areas as well in the near future.

We need to reach out to more Ayyappa devotees across UK and to unite all of us under a common umbrella delivering these traditional Bhajans which creates a devotional ambiance for the devotees who will experience the divine energy and vibration.

Thathwamasi Bhajan Group (തത്വമസി ഭജന സംഘം) members:

  1. Mr. Sadanandan Divakaran (Haywards Heath)
  2. Mr. Sureshkumar Gangadharan (East Ham)
  3. Mrs. Sindhu Rajesh (Kent)
  4. Mr. Sanjeev Menon (Kent)
  5. Mr. Mithun Mohan (London)
  6. Mr. Ajith Nair (Cambridge)
  7. Mr. Kiran Prathap (Croydon)
  8. Mr. Santhosh Kumar (Croydon)
  9. Mr. Kannan Ramachandran (Croydon)
  10. Mrs. Smitha Nair (East Ham)
  11. Mr. Rakesh Thayiri (Kent)
  12. Mr. Umesh Nair (Gravesend)
  13. Mr. Rajagopalan Subramanian (Weston-super-Mare)
  14. Mr. Vinod Navadhara Sukumaran (East Ham)
  15. Mr. Sojan Erumely (East Ham)
  16. Mr. Madhu Marar Peralassery